High Email Deliverability With SendBridge

SendBridge ensures email deliverability through a combination of practices and technologies. Some common methods used to maintain high deliverability rates include:

  • Email List Management: SendBridge monitors the quality of its customers' email lists to ensure that they are sending emails to engaged subscribers who have given permission to receive emails.

  • Spam Filter Management: SendBridge monitors and adjusts its systems to ensure that emails are not getting flagged as spam and are reaching the recipient's inbox.

  • IP and Domain Management: SendBridge invests in dedicated IP addresses and domain names to help build and maintain a positive sending reputation. We also monitor the IP addresses and domains of our customers to detect and resolve any issues that may impact deliverability.

  • Authentication Protocols: SendBridge implements various authentication protocols, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, to ensure that emails are coming from a legitimate source and to prevent email fraud.

  • Feedback Loops: SendBridge uses feedback loops from ISPs to track and resolve any delivery issues and improve email deliverability.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: SendBridge monitors email delivery in real-time and provides real-time insights and analytics to help its customers to improve their email marketing strategies.

By implementing these and other best practices, SendBridge can help its customers achieve high email deliverability rates, maintain a positive sending reputation, and build a successful email marketing program.