Frequently Asked Questions about Email Validation

How do email validation credits work?

Credits are tokens you use for validating and scoring email addresses. You need one credit per email address to use our email validation service – in bulk or in real time.

Do my email validation credits expire?

Never. All the credits you purchase or receive for free as part of a promotional campaign will always be available in your account. You can use them anytime you want.

How quickly can you clean my email list?

It depends on how many email addresses you have. To give you an idea, SendBridge cleans 100,000 email addresses in 30 minutes.

Do you store or share my email data?

No, we never store your email data in our system for more than 30 days. All your email data and aspects of your data are erased 30 days after you upload your file, unless you choose to delete it before that. Also, the information you share with us for payment purposes is encrypted.

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