Email List Cleanup and Validation

Bounces, spam complaints, and low open rates – they’re all signs you need to clean your email list. Run it through our bulk email validator. That way you can get rid of poor-quality contacts, reduce bounces, and boost metrics.

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Sendbridge Email Validation Features

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Domain & DNS check

Confirms that email addresses point to valid, active domain name.

Mail Exchanger (MX) test

Detects email addresses that don’t have a valid mail exchanger.

DNS A record test

Some emails can be delivered even when mail exchanger (MX) is not defined.

Syntax Validation

Checks each email address against universal formatting standards.

Catch-all detection

Identifies mail exchangers that accept all emails to their domain, including fake, false or non-existing ones.

Role account detection

Highlights common role accounts, which are generic addresses often not belonging to real person.

Disposable Email Check

Identifies temporary addresses created by known disposable email providers (e.g. Mailinator, YOPmail, etc).

Free Email Detection

Want to avoid free email providers from your mailings? We flag them for you so you can easily filter them out.

Suspected Bounce

We mark down the email address that bounced in our SMTP relay service before.

Unusual name detection

Identifies unusual user name (name before @ sign).

Duplicates removal

Identifies duplicate email addresses so that you don't pay twice to validate the same address.

Automated Email Scoring

Each validated email address receives a sending score.

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