Guide to Email Deliverability

Having trouble reaching the inbox? Welcome to the SendBridge's email deliverability guide. In this free resource, our top experts teach you everything you need to know to land your emails in the inbox. Inboxes are crammed with emails. The average working person gets about 120 messages a day. For companies like yours, standing out in crowded inboxes is hard – that is, if you make it to the inbox in the first place. Hitting Send on your email doesn’t guarantee it.

Every day, 31 billion emails bounce. About 16% of emails go to the spam folder. You want to do everything you can so that your emails don’t end up there and reach your customers instead.

But what should I be doing?

Glad you asked.

This email deliverability guide will help you stay out of spam and get your campaigns where your audience can see them.

Our experts have decades of experience in the email industry and have helped thousands of companies land in the inbox. We put this free guide together so that you, too, can get there.

Ready to begin? Let’s start with the basics.