Recurring Payments

Recurring payment is a repeated payment that happens every month on the same day for a fixed amount of money (the price of the purchased plan).
E.g. you buy $9 plan with 5000 emails. This means you will get 5000 email credits for each month and we will automatically bill you for $9 each month.

Subject to the agreement

By submitting the payment you understand and agree with:

  • with initial billing and presented parameters of recurring payment
  • with secure storing of your payment details on the Stripe servers - our payment gateway provider. More info on Stripe here:
  • Stripe manages your payment details according to the international security standard PCI-DSS Level 1 (the highest level of data security in the financial sector)
  • CORE LABS s.r.o., the provider of SendBridge does not have an access to your payment details
  • the reason for reccurring payment set up is the purchase of monthly plan
  • the billed amount is fixed for defined period and it is the same price as was the initial purchase of the service
  • the period for recurring payment is always one month and occurs on the same day the original purchase was, e.g. you have purchased plan on 16th February so you get billed on every 16th day of the upcoming months.
  • you can cancel your recurring payment anytime from the application interface
  • you can change your plan / recurring payment anytime simply by purchasing the new plan. The plan is changed to the new one, the old billing cycle is cancelled and the new recurring payment is set up.
  • if you need to get an assisted recurring payment cancellation feel free to contact us anytime

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