Real Time Email Verification API

Automate email quality validation with Sendbridge email verification API.

The API is very easy to use. Just create an account and set up your first API key.


GET[email protected]

Sample email verification API response

    "email":"[email protected]",

Email verification API response fields description

Field Values Description
email email address An original email address that has been submitted for a test.
freemail true / false Is email based on a freemail service like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.?
valid_syntax true / false Is the email address syntactically valid?
abnormal_local_part true / false Is the email local part (before @) somehow abnormal?
abnormal_domain true / false Is the email domain part (after @) somehow abnormal?
local_part_too_long true / false Is the email local part (before @) longer than is usual?
shared true / false Is the email local part a shared account?
valid_tld true / false Does the email domain have a valid top-level domain (TLD)?
disposable true / false Is the email address based on email disposable service?
mx_valid true / false Does the domain have a valid Mail Exchanger (MX) DNS records?
a_valid true / false Does the domain have a valid A DNS records?
score 0 - 99 A resulting score of email verification. The higher number is better.
time_taken decimal Time taken to process your API request in seconds.

Simple & Secure API

Requested using an easy-to-integrate URL structure, delivered in lightweight JSON format, and secured via 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Validation & Verification

Verify existence, validity and quality of any email address simply by passing it into the request URL.

Full Verification

Verify email addresses as they come into your system and make sure you only send email to real customers and high-value contacts.