Guide to Email Marketing


If you are just getting started with email marketing, we have prepared a few tips to help you started. And believe it or not, it's not so complicated. Extra time with this email marketing strategy you spend will pay off many times. Let's take a look at what the first steps need to do.


For sending email messages you needs to have the appropriate tool. There are two types of such tools. One type is a tool that is in the form of a program that you can download to your computer and work with it. The advantage is that they can be free or for a small fee. The basic disadvantages of these programs are that they

  • do not offer accurate statistics of email campaign (sent emails, bounced, failed, opened)
  • do not have multi SMTP servers support
  • do not have reputation and blacklist monitoring
  • do not have content SPAM check

The second type is the creation of an account in the software which is completely online and you have access to it every time, whenever you are on the Internet. There are many of such mailing software on the market these days, it just depends on what suits you. They come in different price ranges and offer different services. In most cases they offer free trial period where you can try it and decide if it is right for you. Most of these systems are already variously sophisticated systems where you have a great chance to evaluate the success of sent email marketing campaigns.

Generally, the selected program should be able to manage a large number of contacts from your database, be able to sort these contacts and must allow you to send emails. The integral part is system of detailed statistics.


Surely you've accumulated through your business range of contacts. Whether it was the exchange of business cards or you have told it directly to the customer or requested it during the registration process. We are speaking about the contact, so of course we are talking about an e-mail address. In addition to the email addresses it is good to have at least a first name, or even better full name. This allows you to send personalized emails (emails with addressing – Hello John Smith).

Experienced users collect contacts using contact or registration forms on their website or landing pages.

So if you have already selected a program to send a mailing, you can begin to fill it with obtained contacts.


It is good practice when entering contacts to be clear about which groups of people are involved. And divide them into separate groups like VIP clients, customers and potential customers. But it obviously depends on the type of the business you’re in. It's just such a tip or advice, what will help you make the work easier when sending emails in the future.

You will be able to better target the group and send them perfectly customized e-mails with this kind of sort. This practice leads to an increase in the success of email marketing.


Your first sent email campaign shouldn’t be targeted on selling. If you are just starting with mailing, not all your contacts will remember you. The first email campaign should therefore be a reminder of who you are, what products or services you provide and to inform the recipient that you are going to send him the newsletter of your company at given intervals.

There’s still plenty of time to start selling. First you need to build a positive relationship with the recipient.

Focus on developing the content. It should be clear and concise, clear and not too long, so reader is not forced to scroll down.

Focus on selecting the right email subject. Maybe you do not think this is necessary, but well-chosen subject of the email is the first step to successful adoption of the reader. You have to motivate the recipient to open the email.

Certainly you must not ignore the graphics page of the email. Carefully choose pictures, images, if you can and do not be afraid to use video. It is well known that people do not like to read long texts, video is therefore a pleasant alternative.

Do not forget about the links that introduce the reader to your website or another place on the web where they can find what they're offered in the email. The links should be put on the beginning and end of the email, because then you can determine how successful your email is. Feel free to use links to social networks. If you impress the reader with your e-mail and give him the opportunity to share your email, you just might be pleasantly surprised at how many new applicants will subscribe via Facebook, Google+ etc.

Make sure to place a link to unsubscribe from the subscription of further messages at the end of the first and each subsequent mailing. If you also connect as well as information about the basis on which you send email, it's just fine. This increases customer confidence in you and your products.


I believe that you have chosen the right tool for sending mass emails which has statistics. Statistics give you an overview of how successful your email campaign was. Each time you send a mailing, focus on the figures of how many recipients received the email, how many opened it, how many used the opportunity to click on the link and red the article, looked at the product or downloaded the brochure you offered. If you have multiple links in you email you will find out which links were the most successful.

An important figure is the number of unsubscribed users from future mailings. Be prepared to the fact that after first mailing this number will be higher (at least 10% of the contacts). But you’ll find out that there will be unsubscribes from time to time after your future mailings. This is absolutely normal. However, this number is not expected to remain large. On the other hand if you send the mailing and the half of the recipients unsubscibes, something is very wrong. It is possible that some of the results of the statistic will not please you, but you earn feedback what is good in emails to focus on and what‘s worth to improve.

After all, „There's no shame in not knowing“.


So, now you know what was your success rate with the first email you send. Regardles any results, it is necessary to keep the date and the contents of the next mailing.

You've earned the details what to look for. It is still good to stay with the informational content, write about news, what you events you prepare, about upcoming products, ... it depends on you.


I believe that you’ve got a little bit inspired, I gave you some advices on what to look for when you create you email campaigns and what to avoid. It is always good to put yourself in the position of the recipient (customer) and look at email with his eyes. And answer the questions:

  • Is the content of this e-mail really interesting?
  • If I receive this email, will I open it?
  • Is the recipient motivated enough to click on the links?

If your answers are negative, go to back and modify the content. Otherwise is waste of time, customers and of course money.

It is probably clear that this whole process takes some time. And even when time is the most valuable thing we have, this investment is worthwhile. Your preparation takes more time in the beginning, but you’ll gradually become pros and everything will kind of routine in the future.

So try to choose quality work tool that can handle a lot of things for you and save your precious time.

The result of your efforts is a regular contact with your customers, who know you and your service, like you and trust you. And that‘s it after all :-)

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