SMTP Service Features

Cloud Based Email Service Provider

Super Easy Setup

Just simply authenticate your domain and emails and enjoy great deliverability supported by all necessary industry standards.

Realtime Email Reports

Realtime Reports

Get insightful aggregate or detailed statistics and monitor your sender reputation in a relatime.

Cloud Based Email Infrastructure

Flexible Infrastructure

Rely on our infrastructure which is spread across several cloud providers and is able to dynamically scale upon needs.

Free SMTP Account

Free Account

Free acount has the same level of quality like the paid one. But there are some limits applied.

SMTP account

Paid Account

Unleash the true power on SendBridge and boost your deliverability to the maximum with dedicated IP addresses!

Friendly Customer Support

Fanatical Support

Feel free to contact our support anytime. Our support team is happy to help.

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Feel free to contact our support anytime.